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Very informative site and well laid out. The webcam is great but I'm looking forward to seeing the images when it is finally relocated to give an even better view. Keep up the good work.

Great site and wonderful webcam, very much appreciated by many ,keep up the good work.

I am in my 80th year. I was evacuated to Cwmllinau in 1940 to escape the bombing . I was seven. I lived With Annie Thomas, and later with Elsie & Evan Francis,in Soar Cottage. Later with May and Jack Tanner. I spent about 3 years with them. It was very different then, no electric, water or drainage. I remember it all with gratitude and affection. I have written my account of my stay should anyone from the village wish to read it.

Just stumbled on your site. Delighted to see someone speaking out for the Dyfi: one of the best kept secrets of Cymru. Been coming here (Morben Isaf & Mach) for years, for hill walking. Tried Mach Info Centre and the Web for a source of calendars depicting the area: no joy: very sad.

I am 69 yr old looking for the quiet life and your site has been very informative
thank you

Great site, keep up the good work :)

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