Located about half way along the
Dyfi’s length is the market town of
Machynlleth. No doubt the meeting
of navigable valleys, the joining of
the Dulas river, a crossing place over
the Dyfi and being the only sizeable
flat land for miles around had much
to do with the town being
established there. Even today,
centuries later, it is still the centre
of focus for businesses and
education in the area. It’s a busy
place all through the week but every
Wednesday, and particularly during
summer months, it becomes a
bustling hive of activity as the
market draws crowds in from
neighbouring towns.
Standing proud in the town centre is
the famous clock tower. As well as
being a local land mark, it also
serves as a meeting place where
people voice their opinions on
topical (usually political) issues and
marks one of the worst road
junctions for miles around!
If you visit Machynlleth, you must
see the museum. You can’t miss the
museum, behind its grand facade is
what used to be Owain Glyndwr's
parliament building. Machynlleth was
the ancient capital of Wales before
Cardiff became the dominant city.
Bridge crossing the Dyfi river
Machynlleth Clock Tower
The Millennium Footbridge
Top - Machynlleth Clock Tower
Centre - Pont ar Ddyfi (Dyfi Bridge)
Right - The Millennium foot bridge and cycle path.
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