About Us
Who are we?
We are a small team with a passion for the Dyfi area. We run 21 web
sites in all. Dyfi.com is the second largest of the sites.
Where are we?
Just East of Aberdyfi. We are in a remote location which is sometimes
difficult to access so we do not to advertise our address and prefer to
communicate by email instead. We answer all legitimate email.
Who pays for Dyfi.com?
We do. We are often asked who sponsors us and if we have ties with
any business either in the area or outside it. The answer is that we
have no allegiances or bias to any company or organisation and we are
entirely funded from our own resources. We have never looked for
sponsorship or income and would refuse it if offered. We believe that if
everyone contributed to their environment instead of taking from it, the
World would be a better place. Dyfi.com is our humble contribution.
Our Ambitions:
We love the area and believe in sharing it's natural beauty and it's 'feel
good' atmosphere with others. It is a wonderful place to live in and
work in. Equal to our passion for promoting the area is our belief that
the underlying reasons for its attraction should never be diminished or
'diluted' by introducing unsuitable or unsustainable businesses. We
want the area to thrive and advance, but not at the expense of losing
it's identity as has happened to so many other places. It's uniqueness
is it's strength.
This Web Site:
The site is called http://www.dyfi.com but you may have reached by
typing a different address or following a link to a similar address. The
reason for this is that dyfi.com is part of a larger group of web sites,
collectively known as 'atv-projects.com' which has numerous entry
portals. For example, you may have typed www.dyfi.eu or
www.aberdyfi.eu to reach here. These and other addresses are all part
of the same group and use a process called 'redirection' to divert your
browser to the main dyfi.com domain. Often there will be minor
differences between the sites but most of the content will be the same.
The Visitor Counter:
The counter on the home page shows the number of unique visitors
rather than the number of times the page has been read. This is a more
realistic indication of interest in the site than the more commonly used
'hit counter' system. A hit counter will increase every time the same
person reaches the page or refreshes the view so it gives a false
impression of the number of different people watching.