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Dyfi.com is here to tell the World about this beautiful place on the west coast of Wales in the UK.

The Dyfi (also spelt Dovey) river starts its life high in the Dyfi Forest then meanders to the sea at the lovely village of Aberdyfi. Along its 39Km (26 miles) stretch, it passes through forests and spectacular mountain scenery before opening out to a 2.5Km wide sandy estuary as it reaches Cardigan Bay.

This site isnt just about how good the place looks though, its also about life there and how the area has become famous for its eco-friendly attitudes and lifestyles.

Many small businesses and cottage industries thrive in the area and through this web site we want to promote their trades and products. In most cases we will just introduce the business and put you in contact with them. Well also try to give advice about the services offered by companies in the area and suggest the best places to look for someone to meet your business needs.

Everything on this site is advertised free of charge, our intent is to promote the area we live in, not to make money from it. No matter whether you are a farmer selling eggs, a factory making widgets, a shop or someone letting out a holiday home, if you want to be represented here, just get in touch. The only limitation is that you must be within the Dyfi catchment area (see the map page) and you must be in a situation which helps or could help to build the local economy.

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Contact Us and tell us who and where you are and we will contact you to see how we can help. If you make contact with a business after seeing them on dyfi.com, please tell them so. It gives us a nice feeling inside to know we helped !
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The link to other webcams from the Dyficam page has been removed. It seems the owner of the webcam listing has changed and the option to show ones in Wales is no longer available!

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